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My BNI Story
Heartfelt gratitude expressed for BNI Insomniacs chapter.

Dear Bijay & Anna,

I would like to express my gratitude and share my achievement with you. I work for a multinational company, Regus, offering business solutions to clients worldwide. I am the General Manager, but my prime responsibility is selling. Regus is a great organization that invests a lot in training its employees to be world class sales professionals.

BNI has supplemented me with the additional [...]




My BNI Story

When I first joined BNI I was not sure it would work for me. Now that has all changed.  BNI works if you work the network.

I have been having steady new business weekly and I am very happy with BNI.

Work the network, join, and learn.  BNI will teach you how to grow your business.

David McNutt
Of Galla-Rini Roofing Inc.




My BNI Story

Our 13-year-old son Brendon is learning the value of money, not just to have it but what to do with it. I am a financial adviser with a vested interest in teaching my son about work and money. Brendon earns every dollar he gets. Instead of giving him an allowance, we pay him $5/hour for work he does around the house.

But Brendon has taken it [...]




My BNI Story

A familiar proverb says that necessity is the mother of invention. I have recently discovered that good things are also born out of aggravation. Some ladies in our “Flavius,” Kempten, Bavaria, chapter complained to me that the BNI stick-pins were damaging their clothes. “Can you come up with a safe and attractive alternative to the stick pin?” they asked me.

It was good timing. I had [...]




My BNI Story
John Madigan honors BNI in his new song, “Looking Out for You.”

I joined BNI because a friend asked me to come to a meeting. He is a business coach and a member of BNI. When I asked my friend for advice on my struggling entertainment business, he recommended BNI as a possible source of business. I went because I respected his opinion and needed a solution, as my business had suffered since the property bubble burst [...]




My BNI Story

Brooke Curtis, owner of the Hair Brewery, tells her story of how one BNI connection helped her dream come alive.  GO HERE to read her story.





My BNI Story

I move around. A lot. As the wife of a senior-level executive, I’ve supported my husband’s career climb through six geographic moves in 15 years. I chose life coaching as a profession, in part, because I can work with clients over the phone from anywhere in the world.

That works well for income, but not so well for building a powerful in-person network. What I really [...]




My BNI Story

When 21 year old Katie Eubanks started at Anytime Fitness in 2010, she was just looking for a job that would help her pay for school at the University of North Alabama.  She worked on a commission basis as a trainer, between attending classes and studying.  Her goal was to keep the amount of her student loans under $10,000.

And then something happened that made that [...]




I’m Connected
Business expansion to neighboring states made possible through BNI.

I’m a member of the Belleville, IL chapter as an Energy Consultant. My business Consultant suggested I expand my business to 5 states but gave me no instruction on how. Enter BNI. Because as members we are able to visit other chapters I have now expanded my business to Indianapolis, IN and Columbus, Ohio.

This expansion wouldn't have been possible without BNI. What is notable is [...]




My BNI Story
Why I’m a disciple of BNI.

I started selling insurance with my company in September, 2008. In October, 2008 I joined a local BNI group, and am still a member today and currently filling the VP role.  Last week I was in Mexico on an awards event/trip with my company.  I walked across the stage to receive four annual awards and recognition for achieving career milestones.

When I did the math, I [...]


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