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Local Business - Global Network ®


What Our Members Say

Our mission is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional word-of-mouth program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

Here are some testimonials on how BNI has helped them.

More Profitable


"BNI generated in excess of £180,000 for us last year alone and is a fundamental element of our business growth strategy."
Aimee Timmins, Financial Director, Sharples Group Ltd
"I joined BNI after 9/11 and over the past 10 years the referrals and advice has earned my company over £1.5m."
Duncan Richardson, JDi Integrated Marketing Ltd
"Today 91% of our clients come through BNI."
Steve Feeney, Essential Marketer
"BNI has grown our business by 50% each year."
Dr. Adrian Corcoran, Attik Designs Limited
"We have trebled the size of our business and are projecting to earn more than £200,000 next year as a result of BNI."
Susie Bewell, Raymond James Investment Services




More Effective


"We not only get 80% of our business from BNI but all of the business we get is the right type of business."
Kevin Cope, Si29 Computer Services and Support
"BNI gives me more than just new business: great networking skills, confidence, training, social events and a support network of like-minded business people second to none."
Bill Cash - Inspiration Communications
"BNI helps us learn what matters to local businesses and meet great suppliers. Almost everything we buy now comes from fellow BNI members."
Gareth Morgan, Managing Director, Liberty Online Marketing Agency
"BNI has given us structure, training and support - all vital to our business."
Lorraine Windsor, The Learning Matrix Limited
"Through BNI, I now have a close group of trusted advisors helping me run my business and I’ve developed many new skills, including public speaking and pitching."
Gerry Grant, Tonic Business Solutions
"BNI provides 45% of my clients and income. On average, 9 out of every 10 BNI referrals turn into real work compared to just 3 out of every 10 calls I get from Google, making BNI more than 3 times more effective than Google for my business."
Shabbir Halai, Safety is The Key



More Successful

"BNI is more valuable to me and my business than my email or my mobile phone."
Mark Ockendon, Heat Tech
"BNI is my number one business partner. I would challenge anyone who is looking for more business to find a better way of getting new business."   Brian Stokes, ITCS
"BNI is a winning formula and a valuable string to anyone’s bow. I would highly recommend it."
Ed Barnett, Cartridge Mate Limited
"At a BNI meeting 3 years ago, a man shyly announced he was “Just a plumber”. He’s a great BNI member and very successful businessman. I’ll never be “just” anything ever again."
Graham Harvey, Gas Plumbing Heating
"We have passed referrals to our fellow BNI members worth more than £116,000 and received excellent referrals in return. Givers Gain® works."
Alan Lewis, Brabners Chaffe Street LLP
"BNI has been essential for our hotel business and a great experience. I would not hesitate to recommend BNI to any local business."
Caroline Trichet, General Manager, The Barns Hotel


“It never ceases to amaze me just how big an impact BNI can have upon someone’s business. Nothing else I have ever seen comes close.”
Charlie Lawson, National Director, BNI UK and Ireland BNI

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