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BNI® is a business for people who love business. As the world’s leading referral organization, BNI franchise owners provide their members the opportunity to increase business through a structured, positive and professional network that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with results-driven professionals, dedicated to helping each other generate more sales.

A Business That Changes Lives

BNI® has grown to include over 286,000 members worldwide, with chapters in over 76 countries across the globe. It has grown because it solves a fundamental challenge all professionals face: What is the best way for me to generate word-of-mouth referrals and generate more sales? In 2021 alone, millions of BNI® referrals led to $18.2 billion in sales worldwide.

Our franchisees, which we call Executive Directors, help start and grow BNI® chapters, earning revenue from members who pay a modest membership fee to join an organization that essentially adds a roomful of new sales people to their team. Since members benefit by expanding the number of people in their chapter — and thus increasing the number of potential referrals — they double as recruiters, which helps chapters grow.

“Business people are always looking to increase sales and BNI® helps them achieve that in a unique, fun way,” says Graham Weihmiller, CEO of BNI®, “Everyone speaks the language of referrals and BNI® is uniquely positioned to build bridges in a world that needs bridges more than ever.”

What Makes BNI® a Great B2B Business Opportunity?

BNI® has all the right ingredients and the right recipe to make for an enduring franchise.

It is an iconic, well-entrenched brand that has a proven track record of sustainability. BNI® has grown steadily for three decades — even during the Great Recession — thanks to the ability to deliver value to members regardless of the economic climate. When the economy is thriving, referrals help companies stand out in a competitive marketplace and if the economic climate is weak, BNI®members have the benefit of a large team of fellow members who drive business their way, helping them win an oversized share of available business.


A Clear Sense of Purpose

BNI® franchisees repeatedly report that their job of helping business people achieve success is personally fulfilling. BNI® franchisees see the difference they’re making in the world and they’re part of a company that believes in social responsibility.

Business people who are service-oriented and committed to doing good, who have strong sales and marketing skills and are looking for recurring revenue would make a great fit as a BNI® franchisee.


To become a BNI Franchisee, please contact:

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Tel: +234-7034878543, +234-7039414887, +234-7026259590

Email: [email protected]

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